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Ivy Chuang - AYO 1998 & 99

Ivy CHUANG (Flute) AYO member: 1998 ~ 99

Now ~

Flute faculty of

Hong Kong Academy for Performing Arts

The Chinese University of Hong Kong

The Hong Kong Baptist University

The Education University of Hong Kong

It’s almost 20 years since I first joined the AYO in 1998. I was then a young and green flute player and I can still remember the first rehearsal in Switzerland ( yes, our Rehearsal Camp was in the beautiful mountain Alps!). AYO gave me the first experience of a professional musician’s life The intensive rehearsals and concert tour has definitely widen my sight. The two years in AYO not only made me a better musician but also given me a chance to met so many fellow musicians who we’re still trusted friends today! Now seeing my students and my students’ students joining AYO each year is such a blessing. I am sure this AYO family tree will continue to grow and I am so proud to be part of it!

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