Nguyen Bao Anh - AYO: A Revolution in Musical Training in Asia(Part II)

AYO member: 1992 ~ 1994 Principal Bassoon, Daejeon Philharmonic Orchestra, South Korea: 2005 to 2010 Present: Director of the Hong Kong Bassoon Academy and Bauhinia Musik Haus (Hong Kong) Bassoon Faculty at the Hong Kong Academy for Performing Arts In that situation AYO founder came to our world! - AYO purpose and activities is considered unthinkable, like: “Travelling to South-Korea and Japan to play concert???” We don’t even have their embassy at the time. And for most of our generation we don’t get to see or to know any Americans. To see our AYO founder in Hanoi for the first time was amazingly strange and special. Later I learned I got picked by our school to play for the AYO audition, I didn’t know any English at the time, but I could see how serious and concentrated Mr Pontzious was to each one of us, just like the Doctor examining. A month later school told me I got chosen. I never forget that day. It was the best day of my life!

What happened after that, I need to write a book about that. But I just want to emphasize something that AYO is more than just a summer of good time and making wonderful music. It is truly a revolution, setting up the future for true-hearted young musicians. After 25 years of my career as professional musician, every contact, every job I took is traced back to AYO family roots. Come to my conclusion. It doesn’t matter what background you are from; with AYO everyone is equally precious. For six weeks rehearsal and concert tour as professional musician, the message is always the same: “It is alright for you to dream! Anything would be possible even AYO itself.”

My sincere gratitude to Mr. Pontzious and AYO sponsors, donor, supporters. Thank you!

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