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The Asian Youth Orchestra is redefining classical music for the 21st century in Asia, offering orchestra training and performance second to none in the world through its three-week Summer Festival and Rehearsal Camp, groundbreaking music education programs, special programs for disadvantaged and special needs children and uniquely designed and presented concerts. We work in thousands of ways to transform lives through the powerful experience of music.

Get involved with the Asian Youth Orchestra, and together we can have a positive, lasting impact in our community.

We welcome your participation in the following programs:

Corporate Sponsorships
Reach out to over a million music-lovers each year.
                    (View the list of our current AYO Corporate Sponsors)

An important resource for all AYO operations.
                    (View the list of our current AYO Scholarship Contributors & AYO Foundation Contributors)

Friends of the Asian Youth Orchestra
Play your part in ensuring that music thrives in Asia.


Online Donations

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