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Toko Inomoto - Playing under Yehudi Menuhin

Toko Inomoto (viola)

AYO member: '90 (Principal 2nd Violin), '91 (1st Violin), '92 (Principal 2nd Violin), '93 (Viola) and '00 (Principal Viola). Studied music in Vienna Conservatory (1994-97) Viola Tutti in Malaysian Philharmonic Orchestra (2000-12) AYO viola faculty: 2015 Currently Principal Violist of Selangor Symphony Orchestra Lecturer in UCSI University (Institute of Music and Master's Programme) We had been through a several days of AYO '90 rehearsal camp in Kumamoto, when Sir Yehudi Menuhin arrived and gave us his first downbeat. Almost instantly, the orchestra sounded totally different. It started to bear brilliant colours, with every kind of positive emotions, and pure joy of making music together. It was one of the many impacts AYO gave to me, so big that I eventually changed my course of life towards music. What's wonderful is that every time I visit AYO concerts or rehearsals all these years, I can still hear the same brilliant AYO sound. I hope to contribute to the orchestra in keeping up this spirit for years to come.

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