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Lertkiat Chongjirajitra - Seven years in AYO

AYO 1996, 98 ~ 02 & 04 20 years with the Bangkok Symphony Orchestra 3 seasons with Singapore Symphony Orchestra. The only Thai musician who has got a professional job in a real professional orchestra abroad. A Vincent Bach Artist. It was about 1994 when I was first heard about the Asian Youth Orchestra from my Thai senior from high-school/University. I didn’t even know that AYO was travelling to Bangkok in 1993. As an orchestral musician wanna-be since I was very young age, AYO was my top goal. I have told myself I will be playing with them one day. My very first audition for the AYO was in 1995, remembering that audition was for the USA: 50th United Nation tour, of course I couldn’t make it. I have made it to be a member for the AYO in 1996, for the Asian tour. I still remember clearly how my friend called me and told me this wonderful news in April 1996. July 1996, I was stunned! The very first sound from the orchestra that I will never forget, that sound echoing in my head for several years! It was so much different from the professional orchestra in Bangkok that I have already been playing with. Followed by an amazing movement, the finale from the Beethoven’s 5th Symphony. The next hour, I have met the trumpet coach Professor Edmund Cord, who is my very first official trumpet teacher in my life, whom I later call him ‘daddy’. Since then, I have been back to the AYO 6 more summers. All the years with the AYO I have learned so much. Not only the music parts, but as well as life! AYO is my truly an incredible life experience and I will never forget. Thanks to everything and everyone that made me to be part of this very important family. This message won’t be enough to show my appreciation to the AYO. Thanks again.

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