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Audition and Practice Advice for Aspiring Musicians from Asian Youth Orchestra Faculty

Every Spring, The Asian Youth Orchestra(AYO) holds their yearly auditions for aspiring young musicians across Asia to join them for six weeks each summer, initially for a three-week Rehearsal Camp in Hong Kong, followed by a three-week international concert tour with celebrated conductors and solo artists. Below, you’ll find audition tips and advice directly from the AYO International Artist-Faculty-- covering everything from the best ways to practice, to performing at an audition. As you will read, using a metronome is essential!

The 100 members of the Asian Youth Orchestra are chosen from mainland China, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Indonesia, Japan, Korea, Malaysia, the Philippines, Singapore, Thailand, and Vietnam. Candidates age 17-27 years old perform an orchestral excerpt and a piece of a composition of their choice for a panel of jurors from the AYO Faculty. For information on the times and locations for the Asian Youth Orchestra 2018 Auditions, please click here to visit our website or speak with your local representative. Apply quickly to avail this unique opportunity. Good luck!

Yu Sun, AYO Viola Faculty

"The most important tip I can give future AYO applicants is to always listen to the recording before you begin practise. This will save you a great deal of time and helps your musical interpretation to be more precise. In addition, I recommend you always use a metronome while practising- every time. And lastly, practise with different tempi, this gives you the flexibility to adjust your music in a variety of different circumstances."

Anna Kwan, AYO Cello Faculty

"Rhythmic accuracy and precise intonation are very important, but equally important is demonstrating that you can project the correct style and tone of the music. Students should review several recordings to get a sense of the tempo and articulations. Practicing with the metronome always helps!"

Rhonda Rider, AYO Cello Faculty

“When it comes to an audition, you have approximately 12 minutes to convince us that you’d be a great addition to the Asian Youth Orchestra. Don’t waste any of those precious minutes! Before entering the audition room, be sure that you are fully prepared to start playing, immediately. This may include: having your endpin out or your shoulder rest on, bow tightened, instrument tuned and your music in order. Practice your audition, and not just the music. Imagine you are walking into the room, greeting the panel, then play through your first piece. How did it go? What could have been better? Try it again. It’s all about preparation and showing us your best.”

Shannon Chieh, AYO Harp Faculty

"There is an excellent article online that all harpists should read-- (click here). This link covers pretty much all the advice I would give to all the auditioning harpers. Please read it thoroughly and I am sure it will offer great help for your preparation.”

This year, AYO Summer Festival/Rehearsal Camp will be held in Hong Kong from 14 July to 2 August 2018. Performances from 3 to 26 August 2018 include concerts in China, Hong Kong, Philippines, Taiwan and Japan. Stay updated by following us on Facebook, you can also see the updated 2018 Tour Schedule here.

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