Solo piece -- Your own choice (1st & 2nd movement exposition only).

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Solo piece 

Fast: K. Stamitz Viola Concerto D-major, 1st movement until bar 137

Slow: J. S. Bach Cello Suite No. 3 C-major, Sarabande (no repeats)

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Solo piece

First movement, exposition only (or equivalent) of a major concerto (for example: Boccherini B-Flat, Dvorak, Lalo, Shostakovich No.1, St. Saens No.1, Tchaikovsky Rococo).

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Double Bass

Solo piece:

First and second movement of a standard bass concerto (Bottesini 2nd concerto, Koussevitzky, Dittersdorf, Vanhal) or two contrasting movements from a Bach cello suite transcription. Please note that it should be performed in orchestra

tuning, and not solo tuning.

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Flute & Piccolo


All candidates are required to play both flute and piccolo. 

Solo piece:

Mozart concerto 

in D or in G major (314 or 313)

1st and 2nd movements


Vivaldi piccolo concerto 

RV 443- 2nd movement 

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Oboe & English horn

All candidates are required to play both oboe and English horn. 

Solo piece:

Mozart’s oboe concerto  

1st movement - beginning  to 120

2nd movement - beginning to 50

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Solo piece:
Mozart: Clarinet concerto in A major, K622, the exposition from bar n. 57 till bar 154


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Solo piece:

Mozart: Bassoon Concerto, KV191, 1st & 2nd movement exposition. 

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French horn

*Please prepare both high and low horn parts for the auditions. 

Solo pieces:
High horns: Mozart concerto No. 4, 1st movement
Low horns: Beethoven Sonata 1st movement

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Solo piece:

Intrada (with piano accompaniment)

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Low Brass


Solo piece of your choice

Tenor Trombones

Bass Trombone




No solo piece.

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One fast and one slow movement or one stand solo piece between 8 and 15 minutes. 

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